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Positions / Endorsements for the Primary Election on June 7th, 2016.

The Green Party of Sonoma County endorsed the following candidates for these local races:
Noreen Evans for Sonoma County Supervisor District 5  
Mariko Yamada for CA Senate District 3
Don Saylor for CA Assembly District 4

Our June 2016 Primary Election ballot in California has five candidates running to be the Green Party nominee for President.  (Note that we do not generally endorse among Green Party candidates in Presidential Primaries).  The five candidates for the Green Party nomination for President  are:

There is one statewide proposition on the California statewide primary ballot - Proposition 50.
The Green Party of California supports Proposition 50.

Greenprint for Democracy

At the root of most problems, both local and global, is the concentration of wealth and power in too few hands. In order reign in excessive corporate power, we first need to regain control of our government and other public institutions, which have been taken over by corporate interests. To do that, we must achieve three crucial reforms: proportional representation voting systems (including instant runoff voting), public financing of elections, and equal media access...