Get Involved

Regular Meetings

General Meeting: Business meetings of the GPSC take place monthly. Visit our meeting page for the date, time, and location of our next meeting. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on any changes to times and locations of regular meetings. All meetings of the GPSC are public meetings, and any registered Green is entitled to participate in our consensus-seeking process by discussing, making and/or deciding on proposals. All interested Greens are encouraged to attend, get involved, and help us change the world--it needs it.


Projects and Working Groups

Much of the work of the Green Party of Sonoma County is done in working groups, independently governed committees organized around a specific issue or task. Working group membership is open to all interested Greens. If you have a particular issue or topic that you would like to organize other Greens around, you may present a proposal at a Regular Meeting for all to consider. Descriptions of past GPSC working groups can be found by clicking on the links below.

The Green Party of Sonoma County is also a member of the following coalition efforts:

How to get involved

There are many ways to be involved in local Green Party organizing. At the simplest level, you can register to vote with the Green Party, become informed on important issues, vote regularly, and encourage the people you know to do the same. You can make a donation to support local Green Party organizing or volunteer your time. Signing up on our email list is a good way to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in becoming involved at an organizational level, you can attend the GPSC's monthly business meetings and help coordinate an existing project or one of your own invention. For the most committed, running for a public office is another way to get involved in local Green politics. Contact us for more information on getting involved in Sonoma County.

There are also opportunities to get involved on a state or national level, or on your school campus.