Inserting Jill Stein into Final Presidential Debate!

The final Presidential Debate is on Wednesday, Oct 19 at 6PM PT. The mainstream news networks have consistently marginalized Jill Stein’s message to ensure that people don’t hear about the Green Party's alternative to the establishment candidates. However, we will #BreakTheBlackout by getting the people-powered campaign’s message out on social media.

The debate will be live streaming on Jill Stein's Facebook page, including inserting Dr. Jill Stein into the debate and we want to make this the most popular event yet!

Jill represents everything that this Presidential race is not. She has a plan for real change that will require a grassroots movement in order to take effect.

If you want to help us publicize a debate where real issues will be discussed, we could really use your help.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Share our posts promoting Jill Stein's debate livestream on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages (or click this link to download pre-made SM posts that you can use as you see fit
  2. When the livestream goes live, promptly at 6PM on Wednesday, Oct 19th, please share it! Share it across your social pages, and encourage your followers to join in by sharing it to any groups/FB pages they believe would benefit from hearing this message
  3. We'd love to get your live commentary -- Tweet us @DrJillStein, because we are always discussing the #Debate highlights, and believe we could get an awesome dialogue going with all of our followers too. Use the hashtag #BreakTheBlackout so we can send a clear message that we won't be silenced. This is also a great opportunity to help answer questions you think the American people have about an issue/platform concern etc. This is the people’s movement!
  4. And don’t hesitate to let them know that they can find out more info by visiting

In order to confront the politics of fear that have plagued this election, we are going to need to build a movement, of the people, by the people and for the people. And in spite of the media blackout, Jill and Ajamu are not giving up. They are fighting for the people, but they can’t do it alone.